2 days

Rescue Diver Course:

You can dive like a pro and now you want to go a bit further ahead and become a rescue diver. It feels good when you can tell people that you are a rescue diver. We train you to recognize, manage and prevent diving accidents.
The course covers a wide range of topics including, The Psychology of Rescue, Recognizing Diver Stress, Accident Management, Assisting Responsive and Unresponsive Divers at the Surface and Underwater, Equipment Problems, Oxygen Delivery Systems, Missing Diver Procedures, Responding to Diver Emergencies and In water Rescue Breathing.

Course outline

  • 8 hours of Classroom Training
  • 12 modules of in-water training

Rescue Diver Certificate :

Being a rescue diver definitely offers you challenging and rewarding experiences. It is not just about rescuing people, it is also for better comfort levels in the water and to recognize potential problems in other divers. This is recommended for all the passionate scuba divers who dive frequently. This fun training is definitely one of the most challenging and rewarding courses.

Duration 2 Days
  • Please carry along swimwear, T-Shirt, Shorts
  • Sun cream, hat, sunglasses
  • Towel
Rescue diver manual
Equipment rental
Boat fees
Certification Card
Scuba Diving Package - Rescue Diver Course
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