22 Hours
Chapora River

All Day House Boat Cruise Along The Chapora River

Prepare yourself to be fascinated and mesmerized with the unique beauty of The Chapora River. Starting from Chapora port, which traces its history to the 16th century, your all day cruise commences on board a one of a kind house boat that adds to the rustic feel of this experience. While on your boat ride catch a glimpse of the nearby villages, churches and farms that help you get a clear picture of the simple yet beautiful life of Goans.

As you go further away from Goa’s backwaters and head towards the sea, you can spot amazing dolphins swimming in synchronicity with the waves of the pristine Goan waters. While enjoying this astounding view, treat yourself with a unique fusion of Goan cuisine. For a better experience we recommend you occupy the upper deck of the house boat in order to maximize your Chapora river experience.

Overnight Boat Cruise

Atlantis Watersports take the idea of a daylong boat cruise to a whole new level. We comfortably transport you from your hotel via an air conditioned vehicle to the boat jetty from where you will commence your boat cruise. Treat yourself with a soothing tea,a cup of hot coffee or a pint of beer while on the cruise and never worry about your safety as our well-trained staff and modern facilities will ensure you have a safe and enjoyable trip.

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Duration 3.00pm to 1.00pm (Next Day)
Comfortable athletic clothing, hiking boots, hat, jacket and sunscreen.
Pick up & Drop to hotel (A/C)
Tea / Coffee
 Mineral Water.
 Crocodile Spotting
 Bird Watching
Note: Please contact us to Check the Availability before booking.

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Additional information

LocationChapora River

Day - 1

Ornare proin neque tempus cubilia cubilia blandit netus.
  • We depart Siolim jetty @ 1700 hrs sailing past the 16th century Chapora fort and fishermen in their little row-boats, onwards towards the ocean, to spot Dolphins or swim on the deserted Morjim beach.
  • After a glorious champagne sunset, we sail into the backwaters, alongside little ancient villages dotted with their Temples, Churches and Coconut farms before we moor for the night where you can try your luck at crab fishing whilst you sip your drink.
  • Your crew will serve you a hot tasty Goan – Indian dinner before we call it a night.
  • You’re free to use the upper deck and share some unforgettable moments under the starry skies.

Day 2

  • Wake up to a refreshing cup of Tea / Coffee with the chirping of birds, try your luck at fishing whilst having a filling breakfast, and if lucky with some freshly caught & smoked clams or mussels. Around 0930 we sail along the silent river with lunch, and drop off at the jetty at 1300 Hrs where your car will be waiting to drop you back to your hotel. 

What is a house boat?

A house boat is a floating structure designed to be used as a residence, often including typical home amenities such as kitchens, bathrooms, and ample floor space. These structures differ from boats designed for transportation or sport in that they are often modified in ways that limit their ability to navigate water and are usually moored. Some houseboats even lack motors and are designed only to float, not to move. It is possible to live on a houseboat in the ocean, but the tide makes these houseboats move constantly, so still waters or gentle rivers are generally preferred docking sites.

Where is the departure from?

The departure is from Siolim at 05:00 pm.

What would be my sightseeing from the boat include?

6th century Chapora fort , fishermen in their little row-boats and Morjim Beach. Also ancient villages dotted with their Temples, Churches and Coconut.

What is the duration for this trip?

Duration for this trip is from 03:00 pm in the evening to next day afternoon at 01:00pm.

Is lunch and dinner and included in the package?

Yes, lunch and dinner are included in the package. You get to taste Goan and Indian delicacy  while feasting your eyes on the alluring beauty of Goan countryside.

What is the cuisine for Dinner?

Indian or authentic Goan style buffet dinner that will definitely give a whole new ‘foodgasmic’ experience.

Do i get breakfast also as an inclusive with the package?

Yes, you do get an absolutely filling breakfast as it is included in the package. If lucky you get to hog on some freshly caught & smoked clams or mussels.

Do you have a private bar on the boat?

Yes, we have a full fledged private bar on the boat.

Is pick up/drop included in the package?

Yes, you get the pick up/drop facility as long as your hotel falls under our coverage area that includes Calangute, Baga, Arpora, Nagoa, Candolim, Sinquerim, Nerul Area. Transport required in other areas will be charged extra.

Should i book my houseboat in prior?

It’s recommended to pre book houseboats in Season time since it usually gets booked out and it’s always a good idea to book in advance.

What is the payment option available to me if i want to book this package?

Payment can be made by the online payment gateway. You can either do it directly on our website or you can request for a manual online payment link. Options are available for a list of credit / debit cards and net banking are also available on our payment link.

House Boat trip

Tour Reviews

4.2 based on 15 reviews
January 23, 2015

Being a single lady traveler safety is always my top priority but Charlie ensured he made me super comfortable. The house boat is very well equipped and safety is not compromised at all. We passed through some very pretty villages and churches, the backwaters were not at all polluted and very clean. The Goan food offered on board was sumptuous.

from – Peru

March 3, 2015

Мы провели не забываемую ночь на лодке домик. Еда вкусная, природа просто завораживает. Стоит посетить однозначно. Мы бронировали через Атлантис.

from – Москва

March 21, 2015

Отличная поездка. И рыбалка и ужин и сама лодка мне очень понравилась. Атлантис Водный СПОРТ МЫ ОЧЕНЬ БЛАГОДАРНЫ!

from – Minsk

October 19, 2015

My friends and I were in Goa for a college trip, we managed to book our very first house boat ride together due to the reasonable rate, speedy reservation process and helpful office staff, specially Charlie thank you for suggesting the upper deck to us, we had the eagle eye view and enjoyed our food and beer while touring the backwaters and ancient villages along the coast.

from – Amritsar

October 20, 2015

I booked my mother and myself on the house boat for women’s day and we both enjoyed our self thoroughly, relished the Goan food. We were lucky the Atlantis team helped us spot some dolphins and we sailed close by. The highlight was sitting on the upper deck and just watching the pristine water, the waves and the setting sun.

from – Delhi

November 12, 2015

Я с мужем приехав в Гоа искала спокойного тихого места. У нас была годовщина свадьбы. Мы заказали каюту в Лодке домик и не ошиблись с выбором. Мы сполна насладились этой поездкой. Атлантис . ты лучший. Спасибо за хороший отдых.

from – Санкт-Петербург

December 21, 2015

My trip got extended and I decided to take the house boat at Chapora for a night and this was undoubtedly the best decision I made it opened my eyes to a new portion of Goa which I hadn’t imagined existed. Sitting on the upper deck sipping on a pint of beer and watching such old churches, dense green forests go by followed by delicious Goan food! Thanks Atlantis for making it worth my while.

from – Colorado

December 26, 2015

Мы с друзьями отмечали мое день рождения на лодке домик. Заказывали у Atlantis watersports. Все понравилось. Ужин очень вкусный, чистота и порядок в каютах. С палубы открывается очень красивый вид. Приедем еще.

from – Minsk

January 17, 2016

My family and I were on a family holiday and decided to book for the day long trip with Atlantis at Chapora. It was worth every penny we took saw some ancient churches which have been very well kept, the peaceful backwaters and then gorged on the delicious Goan food offered. My kids were engaged by the Atlantis Team, they were very accommodating and friendly.

from – Jaipur

January 21, 2016

This was my first stay in a house boat and the hospitality offered by Charlie and his team was commendable. Starting from the food to the ambiance everything was a new experience for my family and me. We enjoyed the Goan meal thoroughly followed by a pint of beer and watching the villages, churches and farms pass by. This was like a dream vacation come true.

from – Shimla

February 12, 2016

Probably the best we could get on our honeymoon in Goa was the Chapora ‘cruise’ through the quaint backwaters sailing by the small villages, ancient churches and dense mangrove forests. The service on board was immaculate and the highlight for us was sitting under the night sky and enjoying star gazing and listening to the musical waves. Thank you Atlantis for this memorable experience.

from – Mumbai

February 22, 2016

Мы и с подругами искали не обычное место и по рекомендации Атлантис заказали все каюты в лодке домик. Была весело. Вся лодка только в нашем распоряжении. Мы веселились и плясали, целую ночь. Было круто

from – Москва

February 23, 2016

My parents and I came on this relaxed house boat overnight trip and enjoyed every minute. During the day we were sailing through the scenic ancient churches and backwaters. Chapora itself is an ancient port and well preserved. We were at the upper deck which gave us a better view and we felt much closer to the night sky and bright stars.

from – Bagalkot

February 24, 2016

My family and I booked with Atlantis online and got a very reasonable deal, the best around. The house boat was spacious, clean and well organized. We enjoyed watching the birds while crossing the backwaters, the villages and farms. The water looked surreal and the instructors helped us spot some dolphins as well. The Goan food offered was very delicious.

from – Patan

February 29, 2016

Having a keen interest in history of Ports I was taken by surprise to know this was a 16th Century port. Just as we started sailing we crossed some gorgeous farms and villages. We were lucky to have some dolphins give us company during our ride too and swirling their body mid air and dive. The Goan food was the cherry on the cake. I would give you 3 star for this.

from – Riyadh

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